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Each painting is the result of pure joyful experimentation in the properties of acrylic paint in the pursuit of dynamic organic forms and color with a rich textural surface.  I prefer painting on a supine board to accommodate dripping, splattering, puddling, scraping, and blowing, depending heavily on a space heater for drying between layers.  For the most part I eschew brushes for a variety of unusual applicators such as straws, acetate, wood slats, rags, sprayers, etc., to create "natural" effects in a controlled manner.  Each of the multilayers is laboriously rubbed before the next is applied, resulting in a crisp polished surface.


Third Eye View Tumble Town Battle Taking Shape
Lost Hills Late Afternoon Lagoon Child's Dream
Animal Vegitable Mineral Green Guardian The Complex
Tangled Up in Blue
Nourishing Our Dreams
Taming the Earth
I'm Melting Pink Paradise Five Miles From Fiesta
Chinesey Sorrow Seeker's Sanctuary
Rasta Vista Milk and Cookies Man Sleeping Under a Tree in His Favorite Shirt
Back to the Future
Swimming with Others Rainbow Trout
Journey's End
Wild Blue Yonder
Traveling Web of Water Nude Night in the Garden of Thoughts A Lively Group
Curtains Jaws of the Enemy What Happened Here?
Lushlandia Hopes and Dreams Yellow Influence
Glorious Ending
Mirthful Mutations
Land of Vivid Dreams
The Next Life
Unfurling Forces
Warm Night in Ghetto Lounge
The Big Picture
Serenity's Greeting
Rain Dance
Prime Property
Hidden Key
Extinction Turns a Corner
Veil of Night
This is the End My Friend
Fall Finale
Return to Dust
Decay's Delight
Ephemeral Spheres
Lourdes of the Nonbeliever
God Gone Green
Summer Bliss
Environmental Dementia
Women in Waves
Red Revelation
Dance to Dusk
Breath of Egypt
Flying Dream
Where 'Ya From?
Continental Kiss
Eternity in Embers
Natural History
Forces of Nature
Life and Depth
Treasure Islands
Arriba Amoeba!#
Hot Spot
Presence of the Past
Yellow Storm
Wake-Up Call
Hot Jazz Jam
Basket of Blue
Sea Bling
Migrating Amelioration
Refreshing Vista Rendezvous
Campfire Connection
Poignant Passage
Mind Patrol
Alive and Well
Ancient Inspiration
Leap of Faith
Window on War
Lovely Lively Complications
Apex of Ambivalence
Enlightened Baths
Eons of Blue
Edge of Awareness
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