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My purpose in each artwork is to give the viewer a fascinating and sensual experience. 

I begin the process by making a well-structured chromatically cohesive abstract magazine paper collage called photage (see photage gallery). The paper collage is then digitally photographed and archived. The high resolution digital image becomes the basis of the digital painting on canvas.

I am now free to push the limits of the collage and enhance the image photographically. For instance, I can now create distinctive layers, lay in a more solid background, make a smooth gradation or add lighting effects not possible with the constraints of collage. I continue to experiment, letting one process lead to another until the abstraction becomes a harmonious world of its own.  Knowing when to stop is an art in itself.

Each work of art is an archival limited-edition digital painting by Marlene Struss printed by Luminare Fine Art Printing on Moab Anasazi acid-free canvas using archival, pigmented inks.


boundless energy
Excitement in Red
Walk in the Garden
Islands of the Golden Bath
Enjoying the Evening
Hot Springs
Land of the Free
Atom and Ever
Quotidian Quest #1
Quotidian Quest #2
Quotidian Quest #3
Satin Soiree
Carriage of Just Us
Shattered Fate
Paint at Play
Secret Places
The High Road
Springtime in China
Web of Time
Feeling Light
Night Flight
Nude Awakening
The House of Liv and Luv Garage
The House of Liv and Luv Pool
Wandering Mind
The House of Liv and Luv Garden
The House of Liv and Luv Bedroom
Global Recession    
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